Thank you for your interest in helping us!!

Please read the information below so that you understand what we are asking.

We are looking for help on a part-time basis with our chores of taking care of our foster dogs. This might include: taking them on a walk, bathing them, taking them to the vet, letting them out for potty breaks when we are gone or working.
We would also be interested in finding temporary "babysitters" that might be able to take in a dog (for a few hours - up to a day) while we are away.

You would need to live nearby one of our foster homes and be able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of large breed dogs.

Foster Homes:
We are looking for homes with the following features:
* at least 1 adult with extensive experience with dogs / preferably large dogs.
* fenced yard or other form of secure containment.
* home owners (no renters please unless written permission from landlord)
* time to work with the dog

If you meet these requirements and are willing to sign our FOSTER CONTRACT, please contact Kim at 608-346-0213

Midwest American Bulldog Rescue